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Nuremberg Institute for Market Decisions e.V.
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The Nuremberg Institute for Market Decisions (NIM) is a non-profit institute for research on consumer and market decisions. At the interface between science and practice, NIM examines how decisions of consumers and company decision-makers change in the face of new technological and social trends – and what the resulting impacts are. From its research, NIM generates new and relevant insights into how people can make better decisions in markets.

Benefits of membership
- Active dialogue and new insights

A membership in the NIM stands for active participation in the professional dialogue on the subject of market decisions between science and practice - but also for access to relevant knowledge:

  • New studies and research results - months before their general availability - are regularly available for our members in the member area.
  • They also receive the latest issue of the journal NIM Marketing Intelligence Review, which presents the latest scientific findings in a practice-oriented manner. This provides our members with early and comprehensive information on new topics and changes in the area of consumer and market decisions.
  • Membership also includes free participation in the NIM Market Decisions Day - as well as invitations to workshops on relevant topics and research results relating to market decisions.

We see our members as active "contributors and co-researchers" and as a very important source of impetus for the further development of our research topics.

Do you have an economic or scientific interest in investigating and better understanding the topic of market decisions and their changes?

Our membership gives you the opportunity to obtain up-to-date knowledge and to exchange ideas directly with our researchers in workshops and seminars.

WHO can become a member?
- Do you deal with topics related to market decisions? Then you are in the right place.

It is important for research and transfer that our members have a high level of interest in professional exchange. Ideally, they deal themselves - in practice or science - with topics relating to market decisions.

We are therefore pleased to welcome all those as members of the NIM who have a high professional interest in the topic of consumer and market decisions and would like to promote the research of the NIM. In addition, members should have sound scientific or practical experience on these topics. In the case of a junior membership the study, as a job beginner or start-up founder with the topic is a prerequisite.

WHAT does a membership cost?
- Economy - Science - Young Talents

There are three levels of membership fees: 

For companies and associations the membership fee is €500 per year. Experienced experts from the economy are usually active with enterprises, which then become members. A company membership also allows the distribution and use of the studies throughout the entire company. As part of corporate membership, colleagues can also be nominated to participate in NIM events, e.g. NIM Market Decisions Day or NIM research seminars or workshops.

For university lecturers who can become personal members of the NIM as subject experts, the annual contribution is €150. This membership is open to university lecturers who teach and research on consumer and market decisions. In exceptional cases, proven experts with many years of practical experience who are not currently working in a company can also use this membership fee level.  

We charge €50 per year for young talents. This junior membership is open to all those who have not yet reached the age of 30. Typically, these are students who are involved with the topic of market decisions as part of their Bachelor's, Master's or doctoral studies, but also young professionals whose professional activities revolve around consumer and market decisions. 

HOW can I become a member?
- Your membership application form (you can download it here as a pdf file)

Are you interested in discussing the changes in market decisions of consumers and companies in dialogue with other experts and to better understand them on the basis of the research results, studies, workshops and research seminars of the NIM? And would you like to become a member of the Nürnberg Institut für Marktentscheidungen e.V.? Then please apply for membership. Please explain your main interests in the context of consumer and market decisions and include a short biography (for personal and junior memberships) or brief information about the company.

The Executive Board of the Nürnberg Institute for Market Decisions decides on the application. If no thematic - scientific or practical - reference to the topic of consumer and market decisions is discernible in the application of companies or individuals, you may be asked to submit it later.

Further information

Our members are proven experts from science and business on the subject of consumer and market decisions - or as junior members on their way to becoming such experts. In this way, we can promote dialogue and transfer between science and practice and offer professional networking at a high level.

Membership can be terminated by giving three months' notice to the end of each calendar year.

You are not sure whether you can become a member or you have questions about the membership application? Then simply contact us by e-mail hello@nim.org with your questions. We look forward to clarifying this quickly and easily in dialogue with you.

Become a sponsor

Irrespective of membership, companies or individuals who are interested in promoting NIM research even more strongly can support our research within the framework of an individual funding contract. If this could be of interest to you, please contact us so that we can clarify your interests and options in an individual discussion.