Nigerian Population Survey 2015

The Nigerian Population Survey was conducted by GfK for GfK Verein with co-funding by DEG (Deutsche Investitions- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft / German Investment Corporation) as part of a Public-Private Partnership project. The objective of the overall PPP project was to support capacity building for high-quality market and social research in Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa by launching academies for training interviewers and supervisers and university level programs for market reseachers in cooperation with the local market research industry bodies. This project received co-funding by DEG from 2012 to 2014 and GfK Verein is continuing this engagement as part of its University Cooperation program.

The objective of the Nigerian Population Survey was to pilot a high-quality sampling and survey approach that can provide higher quality data. As many organizations have found, conducting quality surveys in developing countries can be a challenge from several different perspectives:

  1. Availability of trained interviewers, supervisors and market reserchers: In many countries in Africa, there is a lack qualified research professionals with the skills to conduct high-quality market and social studies.
  2. Limitations due to infrastructure or methodology: Limited electricity or internet coverage, rural transportation, different housing structures or methodology developed for industrialized societies may limit some of the traditional market research approaches and demand solutions customized for developing countries.
  3. Partial universe coverage: In difficult environments, market or social research studies are often constrained by infrastructure or security issues and can result in a focus on a few urban areas, rather than a broad representation of the population.

As part of this project, a sampling approach that covers a universe over 95% of the Nigerian population was used, adapted to local requirements in Nigeria. Additionally, interviewers and supervisors were involved that have undergone specific training in the interviewer academies, built up and delivered by GfK Verein in cooperation with the local market research industry bodies, as part of the PPP project co-funded by DEG.

DOWNLOAD: You can find the report on the Nigerian Population Survey, as well as the results tables, on the right in the following documents: [NPS Report 2015], [NPS Tables 2015].

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