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Future and University Programs

One of our tasks is the cooperation with universities and the training in market research. To further these goals, we have launched an international University Cooperation Program. The objective is a cooperation with selected universities to offer a state-of-the art academic education on market and social research topics especially in countries where market research is not part of the established academic curricula. In addition to furthering education, cooperative research aims to examine the challenges of market research in countries with different stages of economic development.

This is done through joint teaching in degree programs, programs for academic staff, as well as joint research projects. In addition to the academic programs, vocational trainings for market research staff were set up to provide the necessary know-how to interviewers.

The programs vision includes establishing a local knowledge and skill base to facilitate the development of the local economies, setting up dedicated education programs, and establishing labs at selected universities. The first phase of the University Cooperation Program was running in Kenya and South Africa, as part of a program originally co-funded by the DEG (click here to find out more about the DEG).
In China there is an active cooperation with The Business School of the Central University of Finance and Economics (CUFE) since 2014.

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Future and University Programs

Beijing, July, 2015: The Business School of the Central University of Finance and Economics (CUFE), and GfK Verein (since February 2019 Nuremberg Institute for Market Decisions), have held the second annual summer school on International Market Research and Innovation. This is based on the agreement to support joint market research education in China signed in 2014. Please click here to read more

Education in China

Our Cooperation with CUFE:

In July 2014 CUFE Business School and GfK Verein (since February 2019: Nuremberg Institute for Market Decisions) successfully concluded the first Summer School on Market Research and Innovation.

The course was offered in collaboration between the Business School...

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Curriculum for the Future

Which skills and competencies will the “market researchers of the future” need? How does the profile of a market researcher in a fast-developing emerging market differ from that required in a developed market? What will market research look like in the future?

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Education in Africa

In Africa our education programs are currently focused on emerging markets. The objective is to support local capacity-building, and ensure that students are exposed market research theory, methods and practical project experience.

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Prosumer Decision Labs

Information and communication technology has not only revolutionized how people communicate, but has also changed customer behavior, decision making, brands and market.  It is difficult to imagine Market Research today without advanced tools and software solutions for capturing, analyzing, interp...

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