NIM Insights Lunch: Conscious Consumption - More Using, Less Shopping

The NIM Insights Lunch "Conscious Consumption - More Using, Less Shopping" took place on May 24, 2022

For decades, our consumer society lived by the credo that consuming means buying and that buying is good. Good for economic growth and prosperity. This basic conviction has begun to falter.

In this NIM Insights Lunch, the guest editor of our latest issue of the NIM Marketing Intelligence Review "Conscious Consumption" Daiane Scaraboto, Professor of Marketing at Melbourne University in Australia, presented key insights from the new issue. Daiane explained during the Insights Lunch that it is high time that we rethink consumption in the sense that consumption means USE, NOT BUY.
Climate change and the scarcity of resources are making it increasingly clear that things cannot go on like this. More and more consumers feel that they have a responsibility when making purchasing decisions, and the pressure on companies to act more sustainably is increasing.

We are pleased that so many were there again with us and say THANK YOU for the exciting insights and the lively exchange on this socially explosive topic.

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