GOR - General Online Research Conference

The Nuremberg Institute for Market Decisions (NIM) at GOR

Researchers from the Nuremberg Institute for Market Decisions (NIM) delivered two presentations at the General Online Research Conference (GOR) in March 2019 year.

The research projects of Dr. Carolin Kaiser and René Schallner were presented and discussed at Germany's "most influential online research conference." The first project focused on methods to automatically recognize and analyze brand contacts in social-media photos. With these methods, it is possible to not only detect, for example, that a person and a bottle of lemonade are depicted in a party-photo, but also to distinguish whether the person is holding the bottle in its hand, drinks from it, or perhaps even kisses it. The second presentation showed a mobile prototype recognizing brand contacts of all kinds through a camera mounted on glasses: when opening the refrigerator, driving past an advertising poster, or visiting a shop. Both scientists are part of the Data Science research group and work on gaining deeper insights into consumer decisions, also by further refining artificial intelligence methods in cooperation with the University of Augsburg.

The latest research project of Dr. Carolin Kaiser and René Schallner addresses the question of how the voice of voice assistants can influence the purchasing decisions of consumers. They developed a method to generate synthetic speech, as used by voice assistants, in such a way that relevant aspects of the assistant’s voice can be varied in a targeted and systematic manner. The influence of the voice of voice assistants will later be analyzed in NIM’s decision labs. Both researchers presented initial results at the NIM Market Decisions Day on 26 Juliy 2019.