Market Decisions - The Core Value and Objective of Sound Market Research

01. April 2019

The Nuremberg Institute for Market Decisions (formerly GfK Verein) is now conducting its research under a new name

Nuremberg, April 01, 2019 - On December 10, 2018, the extraordinary general assembly of the GfK Verein decided with 84.05 percent of the votes represented that GfK-Nürnberg e.V. will be called "Nürnberg Institut für Marktentscheidungen e.V." in the future. This name has been formally registered in the Nuremberg Register of Associations, so the institute now officially operates and conducts research under its new name.
To emphasize its tradition and its strong ties with GfK SE, the institute will use the supplement "Founder and anchor shareholder of GfK SE".

The research focuses on market decisions

The Nuremberg Institute for Market Decisions (NIM) will focus its  research on market decisions. Questions like "how and why are the decisions of consumers and companies in markets changing?" concentrate on the actual core value and the objective of sound market research. With this focus, the NIM examines the requirements and implications that changing market conditions and market transparency have on market research and market insights. The aim of the institute's research is to understand market participants' decisions better, in greater depth, more quickly and more comprehensively.

"This core of market research - the understanding of market decisions by consumers and the improvement of the market decisions of companies - will not be substituted by digitalization," said Manfred Scheske, President of the Nuremberg Institute for Market Decisions. "However, digitalization provides a lot more transparency, so that decisions will have to be made much faster and new sources of information have to be used in a sensible way. But that's just one of the reasons why we believe that understanding, anticipating and improving market decisions will become increasingly important in the future.", adds Scheske.

In the course of the new positioning and the name change, a new logo was developed, which communicates the topic of "market decisions" - both textually and symbolically. The new logo also supports the identity as a non-commercial and interdisciplinary institute, which will increasingly operate and conduct its research internationally.

About the Nuremberg Institute for Market Decisions (NIM) 

The Nuremberg Institute for Market Decisions (formerly GfK Verein) is a non-profit organization for the research of consumer and market decisions.
At the intersection of science and practice, NIM examines how consumer and business decisions in markets are changing. The objective is to better understand consumers' decisions as well as those of marketing executives - and to contribute to improving the quality of market decisions by sharing this knowledge.
The Nuremberg Institute for Market Decisions is the founder and anchor shareholder of GfK SE.
For more information, visit www.nim.org.

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