Conscious Consumption

Clicking Our Way to Conscious Consumption

Robert V. Kozinets


Keywords: Activism, Conscious Consumption, Empowerment, Platforms, Social Media


Most marketers are familiar with the classic marketing funnel that illustrates how people are led from awareness to interest, desire, and then purchasing action for a product or brand. The presented Conscious Consumption to Digital Activism Funnel depicts a similar process of increasing involvement. In this new funnel, people move from learning about some aspect of consumption online to becoming more and more involved in digital activism relating to it. Not everyone who learns something meaningful about their consumption will act on it or become a digital activist. The funnel expresses the idea that smaller and smaller numbers will make it to the next stage. Digital platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and others may empower consumers to raise awareness but at the same time they may also restrict their users’ abilities to promote a cause. Consumers will successfully navigate today’s broad and fluid digital landscape and continue to use online platforms to learn more about their own consumption. And then some will be moved to promote what they learn online, doing their part to create more conscious consumption.

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Robert V. Kozinets, Professor of Marketing and Business Communication, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA, USA, rkozinets@usc.edu