The Future of Retailing

Reinventing the Retailer: Retaining Relevance and Customer Access

Werner Reinartz


Retailing, E-commerce, Platforms, Digitalization, Automation, Individualization

But what is the backdrop, against which we observe these changes? In fact, three mega-forces are driving these transformations (Box 1). In combination, these three mega-forces will considerably drive and alter existing consumption patterns. It is at the confluence of these three forces, where new business models in retailing will be borne and will flourish. And it is here where old retailing models that are simply no longer able to address the associated changing consumer needs will vanish – some quickly, some slowly.



Werner Reinartz, Professor of Marketing and Director, Center for Research in Retailing (IFH e.V), University of Cologne, Germany, werner.reinartz@uni-koeln.de


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