NIM MIR use at universities

The articles in our magazine are highly topical and easy to read. Their compact style and managerial relevance is most attractive to those who want to update their marketing knowledge, despite being fully absorbed in everyday business. That´s why our journal is often used in international MBA programs. Read about experiences with our journal in university teaching.


Koen Pauwels, Professor of Marketing at Ozyegin University, Istanbul, Turkey

"I use the MIR articles from the issue on "Truly accountable marketing" in the MBA and Executive MBA Marketing Management courses and the ‘Marketing for Profits’ and ‘Return on Marketing Investment’ elective classes. I also use them in my introductory PhD course on ‘Managerial Marketing Theory”.  The quality of the articles is excellent. My students get a lot of useful information in short and readable pieces. They like it a lot and a few MBA students actually are so impressed with the relevance of the covered academic research that they decided to read the original articles also."


Robert V. Kozinets, Professor of Marketing and Chair of the Marketing Department at the Schulich School of Business at York University in Toronto, Canada

"I use the issue on "Social Brand Engagement" in my social media marketing and social branding courses and my PhD course in consumer culture theory. The courses are on all levels, covering undergrad (BBA), Master (MBA), PhD and executive levels education. I use all articles for different topics during the courses. The quality is excellent because I wrote and edited them as the guest editor. This issue is exactly what I wanted. Students like it a lot. I gave them copies and they wanted more, so I ran out of English copies quite quickly."

Andrea Gröppel-Klein, Chair of Marketing and Director of the Institute of Consumer and Behavior Research at Saarland University, Saarbrücken, Germany

"I currently teach Consumer Behavior at Saarland University and at the University of Basel. All my MBA-students have to read the issue on "Emotions in Marketing", as I was the guest editor. Before students start the course, this is good preparation for understanding such a complex topic. After the course I recommend the issue as well, as students can look up again some of the topics that were discussed on the course.
The big advantage of the MIR is that even the most complicated scientific theories and empirical findings are presented in an enjoyable style. It is not only easy to understand (even after a long series of lectures and a long working day) but also encourages students to learn more about the topics and to see their practical relevance. My students are fascinated by the journal and perceive it as an excellent way to round off the courses. The NIM MIR helps to bridge the gap between science and professional practice."