MarTech and SalesTech

Challenges of Marketing Automation: Linking MarTech and SalesTech

Bernd Skiera



Keywords: MarTech, SalesTech, Marketing Automation, EiPaaS, Articifial Intellegence (AI), Data Quality, Privacy


The number of marketing and sales automation tools has grown tremendously over the past years. They enable automated marketing and sales support at scale and at low and often even zero marginal costs. Companies can pursue even small sales opportunities, and the sheer size of these sales opportunities can ultimately yield a growing and profitable business. But automation is not easy and often requires reorientation and significant investments. One of the largest challenges companies face is integrating data from different systems. A whole new category of mostly cloud-based services has developed to support companies. Enterprise Integration Platform as a Service (“EiPaaS”) solutions provide data integration support and compliance with privacy regulations.They assist companies in becoming tech-savvy and embracing information technology opportunities.

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Bernd Skiera, Professor of Electronic Commerce, Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany, skiera@wiwi.uni-frankfurt.de