MarTech and SalesTech

Consumer Experiences with Marketing Technology: Solving the Tensions Between Benefits and Costs

Stefano Puntoni, Rebecca Walker Reczek, Markus Giesler and Simona Botti



Keywords:  AI, Marketing Technology, Data Capture, Data Classification, Surveillance, Algorithmic Biases


The growing ubiquity of AI in consumers’ lives can be very convenient, but even if software developers and marketers strive to create excellent service, consumer experiences are not always positive. During their customer journeys consumers experience “data capture,” which is the experience of granting one’s data to AI, and “classification,” which means receiving personalized recommendations generated by AI. In both experiences consumers may either feel served or exploited and understood or misunderstood. To live up to the promise of making consumers happier and more efficient, managers should pay attention to consumers’ anxieties. If managers understand when and why consumers feel exploited or misinterpreted by AI, companies can provide more value for consumers individually and take concrete steps to design improved experiences around data collection and classification.


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Stefano Puntoni, Professor of Marketing, Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, spuntoni@rsm.nl

Rebecca Walker Reczek, Berry Chair of New Technologies in Marketing, The Ohio State University, Columbus, USA, reczek.3@osu.edu

Markus Giesler, Professor of Marketing, York University, Toronto, Canada, mgiesler@schulich.yorku.ca

Simona Botti, Professor of Marketing, London Business School, UK, sbotti@london.edu