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Hybrid Marketing Is Here to Stay: Preparing the Marketing Operation Environment

Andy Lark and André Bonfrer



Keywords: Hybrid Work, Hybrid Marketing, Collaboration, Marketing Operation, MarTech

The pandemic-triggered distance didn’t just change how we collaborate and communicate; it also set marketers, consumers and businesses on an entirely new path. We need to rethink how marketing operates, how it attracts and onboards talent, and what type of technologies enable a hybrid-first organization. New imperatives are reshaping the marketing agenda across people, technology and processes. Businesses need to Develop workplaces, skills and culture for hybrid marketing teams. To avoid duplication of functionality, additional cost and complexity, CMOs should attempt to standardize and integrate tools and impose discipline around critical systems of record. They need to re-examine the marketing supply chain, redefine customer experiences at scale for a contactless world and deepen capabilities to manage, analyze and combine data. Hybrid working necessitates a new lens on how marketing synchronizes people and processes, and MarTech will play a key role in setting up the new marketing operation environment.

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Andy Lark, CEO Group Lark and Chief Customer Officer, Dubber Corporation Ltd., Victoria, Australia, andy.lark@dubber.net

André Bonfrer, Professor of Marketing, Deakin University, Victoria, Australia, andre.bonfrer@deakin.edu.au