MarTech and SalesTech

The Role of Technology in Modern Marketing: Interview with Scott Brinker, blog author and MarTech pioneer

Bernd Skiera and Scott Brinker

Keywords: MarTech, Sales Tech, Platforms, Integration, SaaS, iPaas

Modern marketing relies increasingly on technology. This trend began more than a decade ago and got another boost during the ongoing pandemic: Over the last few years, the technology landscape has experienced an explosion of available applications. While apps and software are collecting and deploying more and more data, privacy legislation is being put in place by many countries, limiting the scope of what marketing is allowed to do with data. In this challenging environment, will MarTech still thrive? How can managers organize and integrate different applications and govern MarTech to comply with consumer expectations and regulations? In this interview, MarTech guru Scott Brinker shares his thoughts on the evolution of platforms, services and technology and how marketers can successfully implement the most promising MarTech applications.

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