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Our studies help to better understand decisions made by consumers, marketing and product managers. They create knowledge of trends and decisions in the areas of consumers, management and markets.

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Study: How smart are smart speakers?

How digital roommates are changing our lives

Through voice interaction, smart speakers change the way we find, analyze, evaluate and then decide on products and services available on the Internet. Smart speaker create a new "gatekeeper" between consumers, retailers and manufacturers, with...

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2013 Global Green Index - English Further Studies Download PDF
Changing values: the global picture - English Ronald Frank Further Studies Download PDFOnly for members
Comparison of New Conjoint Methodes 2009 - English Holger Dietrich, Christian Neuerburg, Neli Dilkova and Nina Meinel Further Studies Download PDFOnly for members
2012 - Social Networks Marketing - English Carolin Kaiser Further Studies Download PDF
2020 Report Voices of Leaders of Tomorrow eng NIM and St. Gallen Symposium Further Studies Download PDF
2013 - Global Trust Report - English Birgit Müller, Rolf Bürkl, Ronald Frank Further Studies Download PDF