Animal Welfare Labels and Socially Responsible Consumption:

What Drives Socially Responsible Consumption: Animal Welfare Labels

The demand for sustainable and socially responsible produced products increased in the last couple of years. To tag such products, and probably change consumers behavior in a certain way, labels are used. The deliberate design of labels might steer consumption in a socially desired way - known as "nudging" in behavioral economics. However, the design of labels could also be used to brand and advertise products.

The focus of the project is to investigate to what extend the design of labels, e.g., the animal welfare or fair trade label, changes the willingness to buy sustainably produced products or the willingness to pay higher prices for them.

Together with the Nuremberg Institute of Technology, we investigate in a series of experimental conjoint studies how the design of the current animal welfare label (i.e., adding narrative information) changes the demand for sustainably produced products. The additional usage of eye tracking might help to investigate in detail which of the label’s design elements steer consumption.

Dr. Vladimir Manewitsch

Birgit Stoltenberg

Dr. Matthias Unfried