GfK EMO Sensor

GfK EMO Sensor

GfK EMO Sensor is a picture-based scale for capturing feelings. It consists of a set of photos that represent marketing-relevant feelings in understandable and clear motifs. Respondents simply select the pictures that reflect their feelings, for example, when watching a commercial.

Photos help identifying marketing-relevant emotions.

Pictures can make it easier for respondents to express feelings spontaneously and openly. The GfK EMO Sensor makes use of this. Marketing-relevant emotions ranging from desire to trust and rejection to anger are depicted with the help of photos. The test subjects select the photos that correspond to their feelings, such as when viewing an advertisement.

The GfK Verein developed the EMO Sensor with the Institute for Consumer and Behavior Research at Saarland University. The images in the scale were validated in multiple steps and comprehensively tested for clear understandability. The instrument has been utilized in the market for studies since summer 2009, particularly in Germany, France, Great Britain, the US and the Netherlands. Parallel to the successful practical application, the GfK EMO Sensor was continually developed and the images were adapted for the Asian region.

The combination of the GfK EMO Sensor and GfK EMO Scan: offers unique recognition potential. The facial expressions read by the EMO Scan can be more precisely defined with the help of the EMO Sensor. This makes it possible to gain accurate insight into how people perceive advertising and marketing. Emotions are spontaneous reactions, for example, to commercials or products.


Cooperation partner:

Institute for Consumer and Behavior Research, Saarland University


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