Digital Brand Touch Points and Consumption Behavior

Touchpoints with brands have long since ceased to occur only in real life, but are increasingly taking place on digital platforms. Social media, virtual realities or smart glasses enable consumers to interact digitally with brands and share brand experiences with each other. For companies, this not only represents a new marketing channel, but also creates a source of knowledge about consumers which can be tapped using new analytics such as image recognition or eye tracking. What types of brand touch points emerge on such platforms? And how do these digital brand touch points change brand perception and consumer behavior in the moment of truth? We are shedding light on these and other questions in a series of research projects.

Mobile Detection of Visual Brand Touchpoints

To enable recording of visual brand contacts across media boundaries, René Schallner and Dr. Carolin Kaiser develop a cost-effective prototype for mobile logo detection in this deep learning, computer vision project.

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