Emotions, Affect and Decision-Making

In today's sensory overload, emotions act as indicators of relevance. They signal that an event is personally important. Therefore, the growing interest  in the topic of emotions is not surprising. It is important for companies to know with which emotions consumers react to their advertising or their products. For many years, NIM has been dealing with the challenging question of how emotions can be captured and has developed two innovative methods to reliably measure consumers' emotions. 

Facial Coding and Emotion Detection

GfK EMO Scan can capture emotion expressions in real-time, without extensive post-hoc questioning or obtrusive sensors on the skin. For studying emotional response to advertising, only a webcam and internet connection is required.

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Voice Analytics

Working together with engineers at the University of Augsburg and start-up firm audEERING, the GfK Verein has developed an instrument that detects emotions using the voice.

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