Human Decision-Making in a World of Smart Machines

Whether visible or invisible in the background, smart machines are taking on more and more tasks and thus also gaining influence. In particular, artificial agents can support humans in decision-making situations. For example, robo-advisors help consumers make financial decisions and interactive dashboards help managers make market decisions. But how does interaction with smart machines affect the quality of decisions, and how do roles and responsibilities change in the decision-making process? These are just two of a series of questions we are exploring in Research Year 2022.

Artifical Voices in Human Choices

How do social characteristics affect human-machine communication? The aim is to analyze the influence of the intonation of artificial voices on consumer decisions. Using deep learning methods from the field of AI, we first generate artificial voices with a specific intonation.

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Artificial Voices in Human Choices Emotions when Shopping

The Role of AI in Strategic Marketing Decision-Making

The potential of AI for more efficient and effective business decisions seems huge. While many operational marketing tasks are already automated, the challenging question arises how humans and intelligent machines may collaborate to improve their marketing decision-making on a strategic level.

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Humans and smart machines collaborate in decision-making