Markets in Transformation

Markets in Transformation - How can System-Level Disruptions Change the Way Markets Operate?

Every single industry is going through a major business model and technology oriented disruption.” Aaron Levie

Markets are the result of decisions made by individual agents based on their own goals and preferences. From the perspective of decision-makers, the main characteristic of today’s markets is the considerable uncertainty of the environment. Seemingly minor changes can have considerable and even disruptive impacts, especially when they change significant limitations or variables that determine the previous functioning of the markets. Changes to what is imaginable and to which scenarios are possible or probable can also cause many individual market players to change their decisions and actions.

The development of new technology has always had an impact on the structure, speed and efficiency of markets. The digital revolution, which we have all witnessed, has shifted the balance of power between manufacturers, retailers and consumers of goods and services. Disruptions in the macroenvironment also have a major impact: These include the increasingly visible effects of climate change, growing social inequality and the COVID-19 pandemic. It is worth gaining a better understanding of such developments so that we can prepare for the next disruptions at the system level.

The exciting task for us here is to monitor these developments and to research their influence on market decisions:

  • Technological convergence and the effects of an oligopoly of ecosystems on consumer choices: What impact is digitalization having on the balance of power between consumers, prosumers, manufacturers, retailers and platform providers?
  • Markets in the post-pandemic world: Following the upheaval in globalized value chains caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, what will be the “new normal” with regard to the development, positioning, pricing and introduction of new products?

    Our research projects:

  • The Value of Stategic Foresight in a VUCA World