Preparing for Tomorrow - Trends and Technologies

Preparing for Tomorrow: Which New Trends and Technologies will Impact Market Decisions?

“In the age of the Internet, everyone has the opportunity to know what’s new, but only the best leaders have the foresight to sense what’s important, make sense out of their options, and understand how to get there ahead of the rush.” Bob Johansen

Decision-makers face the dilemma that their decisions are oriented toward the future while their knowledge is based on the past. In today’s VUCA world, where complex or even chaotic decision-making environments are the rule rather than the exception and where change is taking place more rapidly than ever before, the value of past information is decreasing sharply when it comes to planning the future.

The future is not predictable. One can, however, attempt to recognize signs of change early on and to interpret and classify them. This allows us to identify and investigate important drivers for development and the possible future scenarios to which they might lead. An explicitly formulated, falsifiable vision of the future allows decision-makers to reveal the assumptions behind their decisions and to question them. In so doing, they can prepare to use opportunities and to minimize threats – especially in the long-term perspective.

At NIM, we analyze the new technologies and trends that influence decision-making in the markets and examine their impacts. Among other things, we research:

  • How will AI assistants change the way consumers look for information, interact with brands and make purchasing decisions?
  • What are the future challenges for market decision-makers that we must start preparing for today?
  • Which new technologies will affect the manner in which management decisions are made? How can decision-makers and organizations adapt their skills for future decision processes and tools?

Our research projects: