2007 - European Consumer Study I - English

Health in Europe - Volume I - English
Ausgabe: 2007-04
Autor: Ronald Frank

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Table of contents

1. Introduction

1.1 Age structure in the nine European countries studie

1.2 Selected base indicators on health

1.3 Body Mass Index (BMI)

2. How people rate their own health

2.1 The overall health picture

2.2 Aspects of health: the Duke Health Profile

3. Physical ailments

3.1 Symptoms

3.2 Intensity of physical ailments

4. Ailments in the last 12 months

4.1 Ailments overall

4.2 Frequency of individual ailments

4.3 Hypertension and other ailments

5. Use of selected drug categories

5.1 Daily drug consumption

5.2 Body Mass Index and daily drug consumption

5.3 Hypertension and daily drug consumption

6. Use of information sources relating to health top

7. Results and outlook

8. Research methods

9. Socio-demographic characteristics

10. Biographical lifeworlds

11. Duke Health Profile and Giessen’s subjective co

11.1 Duke Health Profile

11.2 Giessen’s subjective complaint list (GBB-24)



The European Consumer Study 2007 produced by GfK-Nürnberg e.V. provides current information on fundamental developments for selected countries of the European Union and for 143 million inhabitants in Russia. The eight EU countries included in this study represent some 75% of consumers in the European Union, which now has 27 member countries and an overall population of 493 million inhabitants since the beginning of 2007 (cf. Fed. Stat. Office 2006a/Eurostat 2007a). The group of 14, 15 or 16 year olds and over in these nine European countries overall comprises 426 million private consumers.