2012 - Challenges of Europe - English

Focus: Greece
Ausgabe: 2012-07
Autor: Birgit Müller, Bettina Arneth, Ronald Frank

Since 2010, the scope of the “Challenges of Europe” survey comprises 11 European countries: Germany, Italy, France, Poland, Austria, Great Britain, Belgium, Russia, Spain, the Netherlands and Sweden. 13,355 citizens in these countries were surveyed as representatives of Europe. Their answers represent the social, economic and political concerns of some 460 million people. In order to obtain a pan-European viewpoint, the results of the individual countries have been compiled according to the respective proportion of their population.
This year, Greece has also been included in the survey as a country focus. However, the results for Greece have not been integrated into the pan-European overview, as Greece is only to be included this year, 2012.