2014 Challenges of Nations - English

Ausgabe: 2014-07
Autor: Birgit Müller, Elke Nagel, Ronald Frank

This year, the Challenges of Europe has become the
Challenges of the Nations. GfK Verein’s overview of citizens’
concerns is expanding, and now includes two more countries in
Europe, as well as the non-EU member state Switzerland, and
Turkey, which is in discussions with a view to a possible entry.
The USA, the largest economy in the world, is now part of
the Challenges of the Nations and South America is represented by the largest, most populated country on the continent, Brazil.
Two countries in Africa, the continent known as the cradle of
humankind, are also now part of the study: Nigeria, the largest
African country in terms of population, and South Africa, the
most important economy in Africa. The inclusion of Brazil, Russia and South Africa means that the concerns of citizens from three of the five BRICS countries are now represented.
With the integration of emerging countries like Brazil,
South Africa and Turkey, the main concerns are moving away
from issues of economic stability towards the lack of functional
basic social provisions, such as healthcare, education, internal
security, drinking water and power supply – and corruption.