2014 GfK Consumption Trend Sensor - English

Ausgabe: 2014-09
Autor: Elke Nagel, Susanne Siegbert, Birgit Müller, Ronald Frank

The GfK Consumption Trend Sensor produced
by the GfK Verein provides information on the basic
trends regarding individual consumption within the
European Union and Russia, which has a population
of almost 143 million inhabitants. The eight EU
countries included in this study account for roughly
75% of consumers in the 28 EU member states,
which have a total population of 506 million
inhabitants (cf. Eurostat 2014a). Together, the
groups of people aged 14, 15 or 16 years and
above, of relevance to representative empirical
investigations of this kind in these eight EU
countries and in Russia, make up a market of 442
million individual consumers.