2017 - Challenges of Nations - English

From inflation and unemployment to poverty
Ausgabe: 2017-09

This latest 2017 edition of the Challenges of Nations now also
includes the East African country of Kenya. An important tourist
destination, this country, along with Nigeria, with on average more
than four responses per person, tops the global list in terms of the
number of problems mentioned by the citizens surveyed. Kenyans
are particularly concerned about the widespread corruption in their
country – and about tribalism as the root of many conflicts. With
Mexico, which is included in the survey for the second time, crime
in all its facets – from theft and kidnappings through to contract
killings – continues to be a matter of global concern. One in seven
Mexicans now states explicitly that they no longer feel safe on their
While the issue of immigration and integration was far and
away the most frequently mentioned concern in many European
countries last year against the background of the refugee crisis, the
people in most countries appear to feel somewhat calmer in this
respect in 2017 – with one exception: In Italy, the EU country that
has been hardest hit by the incoming stream of refugees across the
Mediterranean, immigration is viewed significantly more critically
than in 2016. Italy is likely to have to deal with around 250,000
refugees in 2017, which makes that fear highly understandable. In
Germany, Austria, Sweden and Switzerland, immigration is still
seen as the number one challenge, but the level of concern has
dropped noticeably. And in the UK, one year after it voted to leave
the EU, worries about too many people wishing to come to the
British Isles have halved.