Decision-Making Challenges in Marketing

STUDY: Decision-Making Challenges in Marketing

Making decisions is one of the most important tasks of people responsible for marketing and sales. But it is often also a risky task. Because wrong or suboptimal decisions can not only have personal consequences for the respective manager but can also cost a lotof money and endanger the image – or even the existence – of a company. There are numerous examples of this. No one is immune from stumbling over obstacles or their own misjudgments. However, “forewarned is forearmed.”

In this respect, gaining insight into how better decisions can be made and why poor decisions are made in the first place is an important task for researchers. In the present study, we aim to take a step toward more empirical research on marketing decisions. Further steps will follow. The participants were, without exception, marketing and sales decision-makers with companies with at least 50 employees. Drawing on their own experience, they answered our questions regarding what they consider to be the most common causes for poor decisions and which obstacles they generally encounter when making decisions.

You find the study (pdf) on this page for download.