Former Studies

Global Trust Report

The Global Trust Report was an International study carried out in over 25 countries to investigate trust in either institutions/industries or professions. The last study was published in 2018.

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Method Test Online Study

Ever more surveys are being conducted online (according to ADM, the figure was 36% for Germany in 2016). For this reason, online questionnaires are adapted for mobile devices. Until now, there has been little research into situational context ...

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Kronberg Entrepreneurial Talks

Brands are in good hands at GfK: for more than five decades, the company has been regularly recording data on consumer expenditure for everyday goods. This market research is special because rather than recording opinions and feelings, it records the actual purchasing behavior of 30,000 household...

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Consumption Trend Sensor

The Consumption Trend Sensor delivered information on the development of values in the context of private consumption in eight European Union countries and Russia. The GfK Consumption Trend Sensor was developed in cooperation with the Institute of Economic and Social Psychology at the University...

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