Kronberg Entrepreneurial Talks

Brands are in good hands at GfK: for more than five decades, the company has been regularly recording data on consumer expenditure for everyday goods. This market research is special because rather than recording opinions and feelings, it records the actual purchasing behavior of 30,000 households in Germany in precise detail. This enormous data base not only provides individual GfK clients with a solid foundation for operational decision-making, but is also accumulated by GfK for the Kronberg entrepreneurial talks enabling strategic analysis for the purposes of brand management.

For almost 30 years, GfK has been inviting top decision-makers from the FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) industry to entrepreneurial talks in the renowned Schlosshotel Kronberg in the Taunus, where market developments over the course of the past year and an outlook for the coming months are presented. At the center of these talks are the brands themselves and the question of how they can improve and secure their position vis-à-vis the competition in the longer term. These in-depth analyses have been financed by the GfK Verein for years and are prepared and presented together with GfK Panel Services.

Kronberg Entrepreneurial Talks


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