Method Test Online Study

Ever more surveys are being conducted online (according to ADM, the figure was 36% for Germany in 2016). For this reason, online questionnaires are adapted for mobile devices. Until now, there has been little research into situational context in online interviews and the extent to which situational context influences the data quality or the response pattern. This is why we have examined these subjects in detail in the "Method Test Online Study".

Key results: 

·         Mobile devices are not necessarily used in mobile situations for online surveys  

·         The degree of distraction during online questionnaires is generally low

·         Distractions do not lead to special answer patterns, presumably due to the self-selection of device and situation

New findings:

·         Description of the situational environment of the respondent while completing online surveys for access panels

·         Analysis of the situational influence on answer patterns

Relevance for market research:

The situational context of online surveys in access panels that can be answered with mobile devices does not have to be controlled. However, respondents must have enough time to be able to conduct the interview in a situation that suits them.