Generation 50+

For some time now, economists and politicians have been increasingly concerned with demographic change, and specifically the aging of our society. Policiticans, because older citizens have become the most important group of voters, and economists, because the consumption expenditure of the over-50s now represents half of all consumption expenditure.
Both groups are implementing various measures to focus more on older people, and the subject is much discussed and written about in expert circles.

GfK first approached the subject in a conference focusing on “The new elderly” in 1990, and this was followed by a conference entitled “Generation silver” in 2002. In addition, we have carried out a range of research projects to experience at first hand what makes older consumers tick – how they feel, what their consumption preferences are, what attitudes they have and, last but not least, whether they are aware of suppliers’ marketing efforts.

Generation 50+


Claudia Gaspar
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