GfK Consumption Trend Sensor 2006 - English

Consumption increase in Spain and Russia – Consumption decrease in Germany and Italy
Ausgabe: 2006-02
Autor: Ronald Frank

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
2. The economic situation facing European consumers
2.1 Estimation of the current financial situation facing households
2.2 Estimation by individuals of their own job security
2.3 Development of the financial situation facing households over the past months
2.4 Development of the financial situation facing households in the next months
3. Developments within individual trend dimensions
3.1 Sense of duty
3.2 Spending consciousness
3.3 Wealth consciousness
3.4 Pleasure consciousness
3.5 Reality consciousness
4. Consumer spending patterns over the past 12 months
5. Development of private consumption, 2000 to 2004
6. Results and outlook
7. Research methods
8. Socio-demographic characteristics
9. Biographical lifeworlds


The European Consumer Study 2005 produced by GfK Nürnberg e.V. provides information about basic trends in selected markets regarding individual consumption within the European Union and, since, 2005, for 144 million inhabitants in Russia as well. The eight EU Member States included in this study account for roughly 80% of consumers in the 25 EU Member States, which have a total population of 457 million inhabitants (cf. Fed. Stat. Office 2005a). Together, the groups of people in these eight EU Member States and in Russia aged 14, 15 or 16 years old of relevance to representative empirical investigations of this kind make up a market of 429 million individual consumers.