The next generation of leaders is aware of its strengths and demands respect

The “Global Perspectives Barometer 2015” reveals how leaders of the digital generation think.

There are many myths about the generation of “digital natives” that apparently cannot live without the internet. But do these myths hold true for the next generation of leaders? The study “Global Perspectives Barometer 2015: Voices of the Leaders of Tomorrow” asked more than 1,000 top talents about their ideas and wishes about work in general – and also about their opinions on today’s executives.

Myth 1: Social media is a basic need

Myth 2: Hierarchy is obsolete

Myth 3: Values are more important than a company car or fringe benefits

Myth 4: The traditional top executive career has lost its attraction

Myth 5: Passion for an idea is more important than experience  

Whether these myths actually hold true for the top talents of this generation - the Global Perspectives report will give the answers.

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