Overview Studies

2020 Report Voices of Leaders of Tomorrow eng Further Studies Download PDF
2019 - How smart are smart speakers? Claudia Gaspar, Anja Dieckmann Download PDF
2019 Report Voices of the Leaders of Tomorrow Further Studies Download PDF
2018 - Challenges of Nations - English Ronald Frank, Rolf Bürkl, Birgit Müller Download PDF
2018 - Mobile Communications - English Ronald Frank, Birgit Müller Download PDF
2018 - Trust in Professions - Englisch Birgit Müller, Susanne Siegert, Rolf Bürkl, Ronald Frank Download PDF
2018 - Digital Transformation GfK Verein, GfK & iSCM Download PDF
2017 - Marketing Challenges - English Dr. Timm Wagner, Susanne Siegert, Claudia Gaspar Download PDF
2017 - Challenges of Nations - English Download PDF
2017 - A Long Lifespan, but Not for All Berlin-Institut Download PDF