2018 - Consumption Trend Sensor

Ausgabe: 2018-12
Autor: Birgit Müller, Michael Schmude, Ronald Frank

The present 2018 edition of the Consumer Trend Sensor again aims to provide a succinct presentation of the general results and situation for every individual country. The 2018 Consumer Trend Sensor published by GfK Verein provides information about underlying trends in the private consumer behaviour of six (at present) EU countries (keyword: Brexit in spring 2019), Russia with its population of 143 million, and the USA with its population of 326 million. The six EU countries included in this study represent about 70% of consumers in the 28 EU member states, which together have a total population of 513 million (cf. Eurostat 2018a). The relevant group for empirical studies of this kind, comprising 14, 15 and 16-year olds, constitutes a market of around 690 million private consumers in these six EU countries as well as Russia and the USA