GfK Verein goes to China to Build up Cooperation on International Market Research and Innovation

Beijing, 03. Juni 2014

The Business School of the Central University of Finance and Economics (CUFE), and GfK Verein, have signed a cooperation agreement to advance market research education in China. The course links global expertise on International Market Research and Innovation with in-depth knowledge of the market and the teaching expertise of a top Chinese university.

GfK Verein is a think-tank for market research and majority shareholder of GfK SE, headquartered in Nuremberg, Germany. This is the first partnership for GfK Verein to enter into China, and it’s expected to cooperate in the education of future Market Research experts. As a first step, an intensive, two-week course on “International Market Research and Innovation” will be offered to selected students of CUFE during July. 
Understanding changing customer needs and preferences is a very important factor in facilitating economic growth. Market research and innovation provide the basis for sound decisions on strategy and directing resources in such a way as to maximize the value to the customer.

In a meeting hosted by Vice-President of CUFE LI Junsheng, Prof. WANGRuiHua, PhD, CPA, Dean of the CUFE Business School, and Prof. Dr. Raimund WILDNER, Managing Director of GfK Verein signed the agreement signaling the start of the cooperation on May 30 at the university’s city campus.

After the signing, Vice-President LI Junsheng said: “We are very happy to work with GfK Verein from Germany, which has an 80-year tradition of joining theory and practice of Market Research. In an increasingly international economy, this cooperation allows both our institutions to join our expertise in developing right curriculum for future market researchers.”

Dean Prof. WANG added “Gaining a cross-cultural understanding of consumers and their choices in an increasingly global economy is a cornerstone of economic success. We are very happy about the cooperation with GfK Verein, and we believe the topics are a very good match. Our students will have the opportunity discuss their knowledge of Chinese consumers with an international faculty of lecturers and get to know the best of both worlds.”

“CUFE has a long tradition in academic excellence and we are very happy about the joint program. We have learned that education is a very good foundation for a prosperous long-term cooperation based on mutual respect. I am convinced we will both benefit from this partnership and I am looking forward to deepening our cooperation”, commented Prof.WILDNER, the Managing Director of GfK Verein, after the ceremony.

This summer, selected students from CUFE Business School will be able to attend an intensive two-week course on “International Market Research and Innovation” held by an international faculty of distinguished academics and senior business executives.

The joint course will take place from July 14th to July 27th in Beijing. Running for 8 lecture hours each day, the syllabus includes: Basics of Market Research, Quantitative Market Research, Qualitative Research and Ethnography, Research Design and Project Management, Statistical and Analytical Methods, Tools for Data Analysis and Visualization, Designing Experimental Studies in Market Research, Social Media and Big Data in Market Research, From Data to Insights and Customers as a Source of Innovation.

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Under the direct leadership of Ministry of Education of China (MOE), CUFEis one of the national “211” key universities (one of the 100 universities to which the Chinese government has attached top priority for the 21st Century). CUFE is among the pilot universities building the national innovation platform for preponderant disciplines. CUFE upholds “loyalty, unity, truth and innovation” as its motto, adhering to the philosophy of “pursuing truth and excellence”. With over ninety-thousand graduates,CUFE is known as “the Cradle of Giants in the Field of Finance and Management “.

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The GfK Verein was established in 1934 as a non-profit organization for the promotion of market research. Its membership consists of approximately 600 companies and individuals. The purpose of the Verein is to develop innovative research methods in close cooperation with academic institutions, to promote the training and further education of market researchers, to observe the structures and developments in society, the economy and politics that play a key role in private consumption, and to research their effects on consumers. Survey results are made available to the membership free of charge. The GfK Verein is a shareholder in GfK SE.
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