Dr. Matthias Unfried

Head of Behavioral Science

In his research, he investigates the behavioral foundations of market decisions. The focus is on the influencing factors and the effects of the interaction between humans and machines. In addition, he works on so-called cognitive biases in management decision-making.

Before he joined the Nuremberg Institute for Market Decisions, he was teaching and research assistant at the University of Erlangen-Nürnberg where he received a PhD in Economics.


matthias.unfried <at> nim.org


Recent Projects:


Selected publications:

  • Freisinger, E., Unfried, M. & Schneider, (2022), The adoption of algorithmic decision-making agents over time: algorithm aversion as a temporary effect?, ECIS 2022 Research Papers. 82.
  • Seuss, D., Hassan, T., Dieckmann, A., Unfried, M., Scherer, K. R., Mortillaro, M., Garbas, J., (2021), Automatic Estimation of Action Unit Intensities and Inference of Emotional Appraisals, IEEE Transactions on Affective Computing.
  • Scherer, K. R., Mortillaro, M.,  Dieckmann, A., Unfried M. & Ellgring, H., (2021), Investigating appraisal-driven facial expression and inference in emotion communication, Emotion, 21(1), 73-95.
  • Scherer, K. R., Ellgring, H., Dieckmann, A., Unfried M. & Mortillaro M. (2019), Dynamic facial expression of emotion and observer inference, Frontiers in Psychology 10:508.
  • Dieckmann, A., Grimm, V., Unfried, M., Utikal, V., & Valmasoni,  L. (2016). On Trust in Honesty and Volunteering among Europeans: Cross-Country Evidence on Perceptions and Behavior. European Economic Review 90, 225-253.


A full list of publications could be found here.

Dr. Matthias Unfried