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Smart Machines

Human Decision-Making in a World of Smart Machines

Whether visible or invisible in the background, smart machines are taking on more and more tasks and thus also gaining influence. How does interaction with smart machines affect decisions and their quality?

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Sustainability in Market Decision-Making

In the face of many new challenges, more and more stakeholders are articulating the need for companies and their brands to have a positive impact on society and the environment. But how do markets function with a "purpose beyond profit"?

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Better Decision-Making in Markets – Understanding and Improving Decision Processes

In the last decade, the available information about markets and products has multiplied. This can help with the decision-making process, but also carries the risk of systematic wrong decisions.

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Emotions in Marketing

Emotions, Affect and Decision-Making

In today's sensory overload, emotions act as indicators of personal relevance. So the growing interest in the topic of emotions is not surprising. For companies, it is important to know with which emotions consumers react to advertising or products.

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You Are Interested In Our Research?

At the interface between science and practice, we examine, as a non-profit institute, how decisions of consumers and company decision-makers change in the face of new technological and social trends – and what the resulting impacts are. From our research, we generate new and relevant insights into how people can make better decisions in markets.


Research with us! We are always looking for collaborations around our research topics. Contact us to learn more about collaboration opportunities.

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For the practical relevance of our research, the exchange with experienced practitioners and their challenges is essential. As a practice partner, you have various opportunities to collaborate with the NIM.

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Join our research! Become a working student or write your master's thesis at our organization.

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Events: Where you can meet us

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Münchner Kreis

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NIM Market Decisions Day 2024

Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing marketing. Therefore, at the NIM Market Decisions Day 2024 we will discuss:. Will AI take over marketing in the future? Or will AI (only) be a supporter?

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AI Festival 2024

At the AI Festival from June 29-30, 2024 in Heilbronn, we will exhibit an interaction with social robots as a joint venture with KIT.

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Statistical Federal Office 15th Scientific Conference

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