The events offered by the Nuremberg Institute for Market Decisions (NIM) include larger and smaller events, some of which take place live, others online.

They are aimed at our members, decision-makers from marketing, product development and innovation, researchers from universities, colleges and non-university institutions – but also at all other people who have a professional interest in the topic of consumer and market decisions.

NIM Insights Lunch

Key insights at lunchtime in 30 minutes: At our NIM Insights Lunches, we give participants exciting insights into new research results. Of course, every Insights Lunch also offers the opportunity to exchange ideas directly with the researchers in interactive question and answer sessions.



Virtual Consumer Experiences - The Future of Shopping in the Metaverse

At the NIM Insights Lunch, Prof. Dr. Jella Pfeiffer presented findings from the NIM Marketing Intelligence Review "Virtual Consumer Experiences - The Future of Shopping in the Metaverse".

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Marketing Dashboards - The Next Generation

At the NIM Insights Lunch, Koen Pauwels and David Reibstein, both top experts in marketing measurement, explained how dashboards are evolving from pure reporting tools to dynamic diagnostic tools.

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Marketing in the Metaverse - What We Already Know Today About Tomorrow

P. Rauschnabel is one of the most influential international AR researchers. In 2021, Microsoft Academics listed him as a top 5 AR researcher worldwide and in the Standford "Top Scientists List" he is among the top 2 percent of most cited scientists.

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MarTech and SalesTech: Opportunities, Challenges and Impacts

Bernd Skiera, Professor of Electronic Commerce at the University of Frankfurt, is guest editor of the NIM Marketing Intelligence Review "MarTech and SalesTech". At the NIM Insights Lunch, he summarized key insights from the issue (presentation in German).

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NIM Market Decisions Day

The annual "NIM Market Decisions Day" is our expert conference around the topic "Understanding, Anticipating, Improving Market Decisions." On this day, top-class speakers from science and practice build a bridge to discuss current research results, trends and concrete practical experience. The aim is to promote the dialogue between science and practice on exciting topics and findings relating to market decisions.


NIM Market Decisions Day 2023

Topic of the NIM Market Decisions Day: The Big Decision: Greenacting instead of Greenwashing. Where are the boundaries of greenwashing and greenacting? How can greenwashing be recognized? How do brands achieve sustainable transformation?

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NIM Market Decisions Day 2022

Together with 200 guests and top-class speakers from science and practice, exciting questions on the focus topic were discussed: The future of the customer journey – do we still think and decide for ourselves? Will machines buy for us in the future?

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NIM Market Decisions Day 2021 (Online-Event)

At the NIM Market Decisions Day 2020, the focus was on "Decisions by Machines and Humans". How do consumption and marketing change when machines are involved in decision-making? Which decisions will be left for humans?

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NIM Market Decisions Day 2019

At the NIM Market Decisions Day on June 26th 2019 in Nuremberg, the topic of “Market Decisions” was highlighted by top-class speakers from science and practice from various perspectives and disciplines.

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At the NIMCon, the NIM invites to scientific exchange: Here, researchers from universities and colleges as well as non-university institutions come together to exchange and discuss the latest findings in (behavioral) economics, psychology, data science, artificial intelligence, marketing, management science and business informatics. The guests include renowned researchers as well as up-and-coming young scientists. Together with NIM experts, research results and innovative approaches related to the topic of market decisions will be discussed.


NIMCon 2023

The second NIMCon took place from September 17 to 19, 2023. Topics were market decisions and sustainability. Determinants of individual decisions and their consequences for markets, businesses and society were discussed.

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NIMCon 2022

The first NIMCon took place from September 25 to 27, 2022. The topics covered ranged from the use of emoji in customer interactions to the advantages and pitfalls of using artificial intelligence in businesses.

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NIM Distinguished Speaker Event

At the invitation of the NIM, top experts come to Nuremberg to give a lecture. What the speakers have in common is that they are international authorities in their field and have shaped the (professional) world with new insights or through their actions. The lectures, usually on the topic of market decisions, are both educational and entertaining. Afterwards, guests have the opportunity to interact with the speakers.


Larry McEnerney: The Problem of Creating Value with Words

Now retired, Larry McEnerney was for 30 years the director the University of Chicago's writing program. The session focused especially on techniques that meet the ultimate challenge that confronts most contemporary research: the problem of value.

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The experts of the NIM are sought-after speakers at conferences and symposiums. They present current research results and thus contribute to scientific dialogue and practical application.

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