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For Nürnberg Institut für Marktentscheidungen e.V., it is self-evident that personal data is handled in a responsible way. In using our online-services, certain data relating to system administration or for statistical or security purposes are stored on our servers. Data relating to individuals are not held. At some places, for instance, as a result of the requirement for information, personal data is collected, but only if it conforms with the the terms of German data protection legislation and only if you have voluntarily decided that the data may be entered or if you have confirmed your agreement. Such data is used for the internal purposes of Nürnberg Institut für Marktentscheidungen e.V. only. You can withdraw such permission with future effect at any time by post or email. Nürnberg Institut für Marktentscheidungen e.V. assures you that your data will be handled in confidence. There is no passing of data to third parties either by sale, hire or exchange.

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