Sparkasse Nürnberg/ Men and women

June 2012

Mr Feneberg, women are often considered to be the “Treasury Secretary

We still very often see the traditional gender roles in private banking customers at Sparkasse Nürnberg, so our advisers predominantly deal with men as the main contact partners.

What are your observations between men and women with regard to loans? Are there differences in the reasons why loans are requested and the way in which individuals deal with this area?

In private banking, lending almost exclusively relates to real estate financing. Here we provide loans for owner-occupied property and property as an investment. The factors which are important for this type of finance, such as interest rate, monthly instalments, whether or not the property is a sound investment, inclusion of public financing and so on, are discussed in equal measure by both men and women. In this respect, I do not see a gender-specific difference in behavior.

Who is more likely to fully utilize the overdraft facility on their current account – men or women?

Although there is an overdraft facility in private banking, customers very rarely make use of this service. Even so, I would say there are no palpable differences between the male and female customers in our branches.

Demand for property has increased substantially as a result of the financial crisis. Is the interest equal between the sexes or are there differences as regards financing of privately owned homes?

The desire for home ownership is equally great in both sexes. This is especially true in times such as these, when there is a strong focus on the security of capital investments and financing.

Would you be willing to divulge a little about your own investment behavior? What would you personally consider a good investment strategy?

An investment strategy is invaluable when it largely meets the investor’s aspirations and purpose. Given the present uncertainty concerning the impact of the sovereign debt crisis and the subsequent volatility on the stock market, the order of the day is to focus on secure, fixed interest investments. This should be complemented by a substantial share in real estate investment and a small proportion of stocks in order to continue keeping an eye on the rate of return.

Thank you very much for the interview!