Holger Dietrich

Senior Researcher

Modelling Consumer Preferences /// Advanced Statistics and Method Development

One thing that Holger Dietrich really enjoys about his work is seeing science applied to real life. Especially if it is possible to apply new findings from various disciplines to improve markets. As a trained statistician, Holger considers all kinds of models and methods to generate new insights out of data. He works on research projects together with academic and practice partners and did many projects in modeling the consumer behavior based on different kind of data and in different practice areas, e.g. developing a new conjoint method or making marketing mix models. After studying statistics at LMU Munich, he started his career in the Method and Product Development at GfK SE, was Head of Fundamental Research at GfK Verein and is now working in the two research groups Data Science and Future & Trends.

Actual Topics of interest are:

  • Quantum Probability
  • Optimizing decision processes
  • Virtual reality
  • Augmented reality

Past Projects, e.g.:

Professional History:

Nuremberg Institute for Market Decisions, Data Science and Future & Trends
GfK Verein, Fundamental Research
GfK AG, Methoden- und Produktentwicklung
Studium der Statistik an der LMU München

Selected Publications:

  • Buder, Fabian; Anja Dieckmann, Vladimir Manewitsch, Holger Dietrich, Caroline Wiertz, Aneesh Banerjee, Oguz A. Acar and Adi Ghosh "Adoption Rates for Contact Tracing" 2020, Research Report Nim.org
  • Meißner, M., Pfeiffer, J., Peukert, C., Dietrich, H., & Pfeiffer, T. (2020). How virtual reality affects consumer choice. Journal of Business Research, 117, 219-231
  • Hahne, M., Dietrich, H., Dieckmann, A., Gaspar, C., Hofmann, J., Wildner, R., & Brand, M. (2012). Buying decisions: How does objective consumer expertise influence the use of recommendations and product attributes as decision support?. In A. Bröder, E. Erdfelder, B. E. Hilbig, T. Meiser, R. F. Pohl, & D. Stahlberg (Hrsg.), TeaP 2012 Abstracts (S. 282). Lengerich: Pabst
  • Dieckmann, Anja, Katrin Dippold, and Holger Dietrich. "Compensatory versus noncompensatory models for predicting consumer preferences." Judgment and Decision Making 4.3 (2009): 200-213.
  • Wildner, R.; Dietrich, H. & Hölscher, A. “HILCA: A NEW CONJOINT PROCEDURE FOR AN IMPROVED PORTRAYAL OF PURCHASE DECISIONS ON COMPLEX PRODUCTS” Yearbook of Marketing and Consumer Research, 2007 S. 5-20