Deutsche Telekom / Internet

November 2011

Mr Müller, Germany is experiencing significant demographic change. The 50-plus generation will increase in size dramatically in the future. In your experience, are there noticeable differences between older and younger target groups?

Yes, there are, in terms of both incidence and technology. In relation to incidence there are still gaps today between young and old. Families and younger sections of the population, such as school pupils and students use the internet more frequently. For this group, life can no longer be imagined without the internet. The “best agers

Many companies rely on online services to provide information via the company website or to communicate with their customers using social media. Do these companies show enough interest in older internet users and consumers? What should a company take into account, if it wants to communicate with the 50-plus target group online?

Companies should focus on the “best agers

Do you notice differences between male and female internet users?

There are differences in terms of frequency of internet use. Men use it more often and tend to focus on websites relating to sport and finance. Women send a larger number of emails and are interested in health topics. Interestingly, women also use online route planners more frequently than men, but there are other areas which interest men and women equally, such as travel or holiday planning. Furthermore there are also few differences between men and women when it comes to searching online for specific product details.

Can you tell us how much time you spend on the internet and the topics of your favorite websites?

I use the internet every day as part of my job, and privately I’m also online almost every day. At the same time, the way I access the internet has changed. Privately I will access it from a mobile device, here I focus on emails. Thematically I am interested in news portals such as, Spiegel Online or Focus Online. For orientation I also find Apps such as “Around me

Thank you very much for the interview