dm / Crisis and values

September 2010

Ms Schäfer, according to our survey findings, the way in which people understand “value

Fortunately, dm has hardly been affected by the crisis, because people still wash their hair and keep their homes clean in difficult times. However, they do cast a keener eye on the prices and so they still prefer coming to dm, as that’s where they find the lowest prices. And so on this basis, we remain optimistic about the future.

As far as I am aware, the dm business model relies strongly on the principle of trust in your staff and you maintain an unusually democratic approach: do you know if your customers are aware of this and admire it, or is your success solely due to your products and service?

At dm, our prime focus is on human beings, and this includes our staff and colleagues, as well as our customers. We allow our staff the opportunity of personal development and ask them to actively contribute. This makes for satisfaction and a willingness to innovate. It also means that our staff are dedicated to convincing our customers by offering them the best ranges, the keenest prices and the best possible service……and our experience tells us that this is something our customers value.

Time and again, we hear that in practice, at the end of the day, most consumers are only interested in the cheapest prices and that when it comes to their wallets, all this talk about ethics and sustainability is just empty words. Is that your experience as well?

No, I wouldn’t say so. Certainly, it is true to say that for many people, low prices are important. However, our experience at dm is that our customers pay great attention to where a product comes from and the conditions under which it was produced. Consequently, ethics and sustainability are not in conflict with economic success. Quite the contrary: we are of the opinion that economic success depends on a sustainable approach, that is, dealing responsibly with individuals, the environment and the resources. The growth of our company speaks for itself and confirms that we are right.

What have you personally learned from the recent crisis? Was there something which hit you particularly? Or perhaps you also had a very good experience?

Even more than usual, our experience during the crisis was that our customers trust us and that is why they like to buy from us. It was very gratifying to see how people relate to dm.

Thank you very much for the interview!

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