Lindt & Sprüngli / Brand trust

July 2011

Dr. Lechner, in our survey, the Lindt brand registered top values for consumer trust. What would you say are the key factors behind this success?

Consistently high quality, trustworthy pricing, not distributing to hard discount stores and not manufacturing for retail brands, etc…

In your opinion, what is important for trustworthy communications? Do you have a few tips for the correct approach? And what have been the greatest mistakes in your experience?

Don’t take your consumers for fools by making promises that the product does not keep and ensure that the brand image is consistent.

Promotions are now an intrinsic aspect of food retail and there is a huge variety in the types of promotion. Do you think that some types have a positive and others a negative effect on the trust a consumer places in a brand? In what way?

We carry out very controlled test campaigns which introduce new customers to the brand. We think a combination of an overly high frequency of sales promotions and strong price reductions is damaging. This can lead to an erosion of the value attached to the brand.

Is there a food or meal, aside from chocolate, which you just cannot resist?

A really good quark strudel with custard.

Thank you very much for the interview!

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