Real or virtual: Car clinics in the method test

November 2018

They have already been seen on roads and highways many a time: Prototype cars with their bumpers taped up, covered in wildly patterned film and protective guards. These camouflaged and not-yet-released car prototypes make for a sought-after photo opportunity for journalists. Car manufacturers use these visual aspects in order to shield their...

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01. April 2019

Different publications of the Nuremberg Institute for Market Decisions can be found when you follow the links published on this page:   Press releases /// Marketing Intelligence Review (our Marketing magazine) /// Working Papers /// Studies /// List of Publications

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In 1973, Werner Fassbinder's TV film "World on a Wire" was aired on German television. According to '‘, it was probably the first science fiction film about computer-generated reality. These days, virtual reality is no longer science fiction. Rather, it is becoming an increasingly familiar part of our lives – fortunately, without the negative aspects of the "Simulacron 1” machine. Instead, VR is extremely useful – and not just for games! Digital, three-dimensional models simulate reality, above all also in production and development pro-cesses (virtual engineering), saving time and (material) costs as a result. VR technology can also be put to good use when examining consumer wishes in market research. You can read more about this in our latest Focustopic on "virtual car clinics".

Claudia Gaspar, GfK Verein


Statistics for Europe

How many people live in the European Union? How has the number of inhabitants developed over time? Which other developments can be observed? And what about other countries on this planet? Some institutes and public bodies issue publications, data and diagrams.

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Christine Kittinger / Consumers and the Internet of Things

November 2018

Christine Kittinger talks about the latest issue of the Marketing Intelligence Review. It features a very hot topic: The Internet of Things (IoT) and the ever-growing digital connectedness of everything with everything. What is the IoT’s impact on consumer decision making?

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