The Nuremberg Institute for Market Decisions

Founder and Anchor Shareholder of GfK SE

The Nuremberg Institute for Market Decisions is a non-profit institute for the research of consumer and market decisions.

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Voices of the Leaders of Tomorrow Report 2022: Read all results here.

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Gaining marketing knowledge from social media images

We have developed the PictureScan tool, which uses computer vision to gain marketing-relevant knowledge from social media images.

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How Artificial Attention shapes Human Intention

The impact of robo-advisors' anthropomorphism and attention cues on consumer trust and investment decisions

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One Strike and I'm Out - Trust in AI-based Decision Support Systems

Artificial intelligence and intelligent algorithms are increasingly able to assist or even take over tasks from human decision makers. Humans, however, reject algorithms and AI quite often, even when the usage of the algorithms would be beneficial.

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