Birgit Stoltenberg

Senior Researcher

Birgit Stoltenberg's main focus is on mathematical models, statistical methods, optimization, algorithms and automated data processing.
As a data scientist, she prefers to work on large datasets.

In the past, she was responsible for developing and maintaining a marketing mix simulation tool used in customer projects in market research. S
he continuously integrated new methods / techniques / software from research into the tool.

Short CV:

Nuremberg Institute for Market Decisions (formerly GfK Verein), Data Science Research Group and Future & Trends Research Group
GfK Verein, Fundamental Research
Studium der Wirtschaftsmathematik an der Universität Augsburg​


Stoltenberg, B.(2016), Using logit on big data -- from iterative methods to analytical solutions, GfK Verein Working Paper Series, No. 3 / 2016
Wildner, R. & Scherübl, B. (2006). Model-Assisted Analysis, Simulation and Forecasting with Consumer Panel Data, in: Yearbook of Marketing & Consumer Research, 4/2006, S. 5-29.

Wildner, R. & Scherübl, B. (2005). Modellgestützte Analyse, Simulation und Prognose mit Verbraucherpaneldaten: Der GfK Brand Simulator. Jahrbuch der Absatz- und Verbrauchsforschung, 51(4), 332-354.

Birgit Stoltenberg