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  • 51th St. Gallen Symposium – Collaborative Advantage

51th St. Gallen Symposium – Collaborative Advantage

Andreas Neus, Managing Director of the Nuremberg Institute for Market Decisions (NIM) shared the perspectives of almost 700 Leaders of Tomorrow and 300 Leaders of Today from the study “Voices of the Leaders of Tomorrow: Passing on the Baton? Transfer of Decision-making, Priorities and Collaboration across Generations of Leaders”, which the NIM carried out together with the St. Gallen Symposium.

Tycho Onnasch then facilitated a panel including Jamilah Bahay, a Leader of Tomorrow, and Simona Scarpaleggia a Leader of Today.

The panel discussed and engaged with the audience several topics, including:

  • How can both generations of leaders effectively join forces on the topics they agree on: polarization of society, inherited financial problems, climate crisis, education and health care?
  • How can both generations of leaders deal with their divergence on key issues: controllability of AI, a new pandemic, equitable income/wealth, pension systems and decision-power for young people?
  • How can both generations recalibrate their relationship and check their blind spots when both think the other generation is demanding “too many sacrifices” and not showing enough interest in the transfer of decision power and responsibility?
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