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  • Marketing in the Metaverse - What We Already Know Today About Tomorrow

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Prof. Dr. Phillipp A. Rauschnabel

Marketing in the Metaverse - What We Already Know Today About Tomorrow

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February 23, 2023


Philipp Rauschnabel is one of the most influential international augmented reality researchers. In 2021, Microsoft Academics listed him as a top 5 AR researcher worldwide and in the Standford "Top Scientists List" he is among the top two percent of most cited scientists in 2022.

What was the NIM Insights Lunch about?

The metaverse is among the top trends in marketing in 2023. A survey of 500 top marketing and market strategy executives by NIM shows: The metaverse is one of the major trend topics. There are also voices that assume that in three years, a quarter of all people will spend at least one hour per day in the Metaverse. On the other hand, a study by the UniBw in Munich shows that the vast majority are not yet familiar with the term.

Many see the Metaverse as a "walkable" Internet. For marketing, however, it is much more: it is the connection of the virtual and real worlds, where people interact with brands and products in new ways. Content is no longer displayed on two-dimensional screens by means of virtual reality and augmented technologies, but in three-dimensional space. The challenge and art for marketers will be to create new and exciting experiences for consumers through 3D.

  • But how far is the development of the new merged world?

  • Is there currently already an acceptance and if YES; for what?

  • What challenges and choices does marketing face here today and tomorrow?

  • Has the metaverse already reached people and markets today, or are we just getting started?

These and other questions were highlighted and discussed by Philipp Rauschnabel, Professor of Digital Marketing & Media Innovation at UniBw in Munich and researcher at the University of Bamberg at the NIM Insights Lunch.

Watch the video on Youtube (in German language)


  • Prof. Dr. Phillipp A. Rauschnabel, Professorship for Digital Marketing and Media Innovation, University of the Bundeswehr Munich
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